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Rip Internet Radio (Audio Streaming)?

Infopackets Reader 'theMick37' writes: " Dear Dennis, There is so much great info on your web site! Thanks for that. I was wondering if there is any programs (freeware preferred) that can record Internet radio [audio]? I have WinAmp and there are ... some great radio stations. I'd like to record the audio to my hard drive so I can listen to that same music later or in WinAmp later on. Thanks for any information you can provide. " My response: According to, "recording Internet radio still remains in legal limbo, and there's some precedent for it being legal, since you can ... (view more)

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Analog Camcorder (VHS) transfer to computer (CD)?

Infopackets Reader Samuel C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have many VHS tapes created from the use of my old JVC personal camcorder (analog). I would like to transfer the VHS video onto my computer and then to CD. I've tried researching this issue on ... the web, but am so confused because the lingo is too technical for me to understand. I have a 2 year old computer (Dell) with all the bells and whistles, currently running windows XP Home Edition. Can you help? " My response: In terms of hardware and software requirements, you will need: a camcorder or VCR to play the VHS video a video card ... (view more)

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Freeware sound editor?, Part 2

Recall -- After briefly reviewing Sound Pad by Menasoft in last weeks' newsletter, I asked Infopackets Readers to send me their own picks for a favorite freeware sound editor. Quite a number of of users recommended a program called Audacity. ... Infopackets Reader Peter G. writes: " I have used Audacity to record audio tapes onto CD. It's pretty straightforward to use -- anyone with a bit of experience will find it quite easy to work out without having to read the help files too much. What I like about it is the very clean interface without any bells and whistles to clutter it up. From the ... (view more)

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How to record an audio cassette to CD, Part 2

How do you record audio from a tape cassette to the computer, and finally, to a CD recordable disc? That was the question I asked Infopackets Readers in yesterday's visitor feedback section of the Gazett e. Before I get into the reader's ... submissions, let me first point out that a few users recommended using the Line In port instead instead of the MIC port (as I suggested yesterday), for clarity reasons. Chris M. and Kooby both write: " It is better to use the Line Out or Aux RCA output on the stereo receiver rather than the tape player, because now you could record LP's, radio, or ... (view more)


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