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Apple Sues Over Bogus Recycling

Apple is suing a recycling company it suspects of reselling more than 100,000 devices rather than disposing of them. It warns they may have been rebuilt with counterfeit components that pose a safety risk. In a three year period, Apple sent more ... than 500,000 iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches to GEEP Canada for recycling. However, it later carried out a security audit and discovered Apple products were being stored at the recycling center in a separate location, and that this location wasn't covered by security cameras. Apple then checked its database and scanned online where it found 18 ... (view more)

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Dell Wants You To Recycle Your Old PC

What do you do with a computer that you no longer need? You can always give it away, but then there's worries that another person might have access to previous and private information once held on the PC ... or, you can just store it in a garage and ... watch it take up space and gather dust. Neither option sounds very appealing, does it? ;-) Now computer maker Dell is offering another choice to U.S. consumers: If you own a Dell brand PC or accessory, you can recycle it for free. A company worker will come pick it up from your home at no charge. Computer recycling, however, is hardly a new ... (view more)

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