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How to Fix: Your Firewall has Been Breached, Call This Number (Scam)

Infopackets Reader Robert C. writes: " Dear Dennis, The other day I received a warning that 'Your Avast! Firewall has been breached and a Trojan Horse is infecting your computer. Call 1-888-698-3247.' I'm a computer novice and I panicked. The ... warning seemed to appear as part of the operating system, and not the browser. I say this because the warning appeared on the screen, with a voice screaming at me, and I had no idea how to stop it. I held down the power button to force the computer to shut down. I waited three minutes, then powered back up ... but it went right back to the warning and ... (view more)

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Remote Access: First Corporate Line of Defense against H1N1

Since the " Swine Flu " can infect a person at any moment, many companies have beefed up their remote access capabilities to enable their employees to work from home in the case of sudden illness. More specifically, remote access technologies ... provide companies with secure access to applications from any location. These applications can be retrieved using a number of Internet-ready devices and enable IT administrators to enforce security and information usage policies. These policies are then used to ensure that the devices connected to a corporate network from a remote location meet internal ... (view more)


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