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'Remote Script', and 'Pdf Printer'

Remote Script Remote Script lets you execute commands and scripts on a remote machine. Pdf Printer PDF Printer is a completely free program that allows you create PDFs by printing to a PDF document from any Microsoft Windows ... application. No ads. Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista (both x64 and x86 platforms). (view more)

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'Lsex', and 'Remote Screenshot Grabber'

Lsex (Remote Interactive Executor) Use this tool to execute interactive commands with administrator rights on a target computer. Best use would be to remotely install software on a users computer. ... Remote Screenshot Grabber Make screenshots of remote computers. (view more)

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'Taskbar Shuffle', and 'Google Mail Remote Command'

Taskbar Shuffle Re-arrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar. Google Mail Remote Command Send your computer commands through your Gmail account from another computer or a hand phone. Just execute GRC.exe, insert ... Gmail username and password, and click on Sign in. GRC will the await instructions. Each 60 seconds it will check if new instructions have arrived through email. (view more)

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Genie Backup Manager Review

The last three articles in our newsletter have provided an in-depth look into The Importance of Backing up Data , highlighted a number of Backup Strategies , and even presented a Six Point Guide to Buying Backup Software . At the same time the ... articles were being compiled, however, I quietly enlisted myself on a top secret mission to research, review, and rigorously test a never-ending list of backup software. The purpose: to find the best, easiest to use, feature-packed backup utility according to the stringent set of criteria previously established in our 6 Point Purchasing Guide (namely: ... (view more)


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