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How to Remove Spyware with Randomly Generated Process and File names?

Infopackets Reader Joe B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've been desperately trying to clean my computer of a nasty Malware / Spyware infection for the last 5 days. A characteristic of something that is going on is that while I'm typing along in a window, ... the window is suddenly de-activated and I have to mouse back to the window to activate it and continue typing. It's most irritating! I believe I have resolved the majority of the Spyware infection, however there are 4 files that keep reappearing even after I delete them. I can't seem to find instructions on the web, either. I'm not sure what ... (view more)

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Spyware won't remove and keeps coming back!

Infopackets Reader Jim L. writes: " Dear Dennis, Please Help! I have apparently acquired some kind of virus (or Spyware) on my computer. I scanned my computer using AdAware and Spy Sweeper in hopes of resolving the issue; AdAware (downloaded the ... latest 'free' version) refuses to delete or quarantine any of the detected programs, and eventually locks up -- preventing me from even closing it down. Spy Sweeper continuously pops up a window telling me if I want to remove the detected Spyware, even after I click on 'remove'. One of the filenames is iekw32.exe, and another one was ipna.exe. It ... (view more)

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How to remove any Spyware / Adware Toolbar

Infopackets Reader 'SweetImage' writes: " Dennis is there any way to get rid of the Mirar toolbar once and for all? I have searched sites where I have found loads of people having the same problem. I have used at least 8 different Adware-blocking ... programs to remove the toolbar from my system, but none of them can get rid of this rotten thing! Mirar support has not answered my emails and I am going absolutely crazy trying to remove it from my system. I cannot use the Windows System Restore because it won't allow me to roll back (except for today's date) -- and furthermore, Dell can't help ... (view more)

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