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Facebook Rejects New Snooping Claims

Facebook says there's no truth to claims that its Messaging app is spying on smartphone users. It says the confusion over wiretapping stems from security measures on iPhones and Android handsets. The issue involves the tool for Facebook users to ... exchange messages with one another. Whereas computer users are able to message other members through the Facebook website, this same feature is no longer supported in the official Facebook app that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Instead, these users must install and run a separate app called Messenger. The Messenger app ... (view more)

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Analyst Predicts 2011 Release for iPad 2

The Apple iPad is off to a fast start, dominating a nascent but growing market . But that doesn't mean Apple has stopped thinking about its successor; in fact, one analyst predicts the Cupertino-based company will probably have a new iPad ready for ... release in the spring. Gleacher ... (view more)

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Apple's Rumored Tablet Device Could Arrive in March

For those wondering if Apple will ever release a device to compete in the netbook / tablet / ultra portability market, then take notice: it's expected the company could unveil a sleek new tablet device this month, with the first shipments moving out ... as early as March. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to announce a new tablet computer later this month. That's not the big news, although such rumors were first circulated in December by the Financial Times, which then said the Cupertino-based company had reserved a San Francisco location for a January 26 ... (view more)

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