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Apple Patches Critical Image Preview Bug

Apple has patched a security flaw that could compromise phones and tablets just by users receiving a message. The exploit would use an attachment in iMessages but wouldn't require the user to click or open it. It's a potentially very serious flaw ... though ironically that may be the saving factor for most ordinary users. Because it's so serious, experts believe it's most likely to be used for highly targeted attacks. The bug was discovered by researchers at the University of Toronto, who say it's an example of "zero-click spyware". While they've seen similar attacks on Apple devices before, it's ... (view more)

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Saudi Arabia Blogger Narrowly Escapes Death Penalty

A court in Saudi Arabia has refused to try a blogger charged with insulting the Islamic religion. Raif Badawi would have faced the death penalty if convicted of his alleged "crimes," which included the simple act of "liking" a Christianity page on ... Facebook. Badawi runs a website called the "Liberal Saudi Network." He was arrested last year after proclaiming May 7 as a day for discussing social and religious matters. Badawi Charged for Allegedly Abandoning Islam A lower court originally concluded Badawi's offenses were so serious that his case should be passed on to a higher ... (view more)

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