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Explained: Most 'PC Support' Contracts Are Scams

Infopackets Reader Bob W. writes: " Dear Dennis, I believe that I have been scalped for a 3 year insurance policy and a 1 year extended warranty from Microsoft for the sum of $200.00. While going to Amazon's website, I received an alert that claimed ... that I was infected and that Microsoft was blocking my computer's further use and a phone number was shown to call. The listed URL was pointing to ' Secure Microsoft Support .' Based on that, I bit! 3.5 hours later and continued phone correspondence with 3 techs, my machine appeared to be functioning perfectly. The firm's name is ' LIVE PC EXPERTS ... (view more)

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Alert: eBay and SquareTrade scam, Part 4

Are you being scammed? Need to know the definitive answer right now? Rest assured, the answer lies on this page. Please read the below article carefully. Please also note that I will NOT answer personal questions pertaining to scams because I have ... yet to encounter a question which has not already been answered on this page. Thank you for your understanding. You are, however, more than welcome to email me if you found this page helpful. ;-) -- Infopackets Reader John Doe writes: " Dear Dennis, I found your web site through Google when searching for eBay and SquareTrade. Question: we are ... (view more)

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Alert: eBay and SquareTrade scam

Are you being scammed? Need to know the definitive answer right now? READ THIS ARTICLE and then come back to this page when you're finished (if you like). -- Infopackets Reader Rupert H. writes: " Dear Dennis, Last Sunday, I saw a one-day sale for a ... Harley Davidson Sportster 883 motorbike on eBay. The seller had around 500 or 600 positive feedbacks. The sale required that you contact the buyer first before you were allowed to bid, and so I did. The seller wanted to do business through a company called Square Trade. I checked out the website and the company seemed legitimate. 'Square ... (view more)

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