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How to Fix: Your Firewall has Been Breached, Call This Number (Scam)

Infopackets Reader Robert C. writes: " Dear Dennis, The other day I received a warning that 'Your Avast! Firewall has been breached and a Trojan Horse is infecting your computer. Call 1-888-698-3247.' I'm a computer novice and I panicked. The ... warning seemed to appear as part of the operating system, and not the browser. I say this because the warning appeared on the screen, with a voice screaming at me, and I had no idea how to stop it. I held down the power button to force the computer to shut down. I waited three minutes, then powered back up ... but it went right back to the warning and ... (view more)

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Microsoft Sues Fake Tech Support Scammers

Have you ever received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft's technical support department ? Late last week Microsoft announced that it had sued two technical support companies alleged to have infringed on several ... Microsoft trademarks. According to the firm, these companies called people at home offering support for non-existent problems with the Windows operating system. Microsoft says many people were tricked by the scheme and paid the scammers money for their assistance. Scammers Claim to Represent Microsoft "Defendants have utilized the Microsoft ... (view more)

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Microsoft: 'Windows Support' Phone Scams on the Rise

Microsoft says the number of telephone scams involving fake Windows support technicians is on the rise. That means more criminals are executing schemes designed to dupe legitimate Windows users out of their hard-earned money. Most of the scams ... involve cold callers claiming to work for Microsoft. In this scenario, the victim is told that their computer is infected with some kind of damaging malware. Based on this author's experience, oftentimes the calls originate overseas - usually from India, with the caller having a thick accent. Scammers Sell One-time or Subscription-based "Solutions ... (view more)

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Facebook 'Dislike' Button Offer A Scam

Facebook users have been urged not to click on a link claiming to offer a "dislike" button. The link scams users to get access to their Facebook account. Dislike Link is Not Endorsed by Facebook There is an official "Like" function on Facebook. It ... allows users to give a virtual 'thumbs up' to comments or news posted by their friends. The function has now been extended so that third-party websites can publish a "Like button" on their sites: when visitors click the button, their Facebook account automatically posts a link to the relevant page. A common use is to allow readers to share a link to ... (view more)

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Scam Police Unplug 800 Nigerian Websites

A major anti-corruption crusade has taken shape in Nigeria, formed in the hopes of cracking down on Internet scammers throughout the country. The campaign recently shut down 800 scam websites and busted 18 networks used by email fraudsters. ... According to Farida Waziri, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss, "Over 800 fraudulent email addresses have been identified and shut down. There have also been 18 arrests of high profile syndicates operating cyber-crime organizations." (Source: ) Epicenter of Email Scamming Nigeria carries the undesirable reputation of being the ... (view more)


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