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Why you Should Not Rely on a Disk Clone as a Backup

Infopackets Reader 'Mike' writes: " Dear Dennis, [Regarding your post about the TorrentLocker Ransomware virus , I would like to hire you to help me set up a backup on my system to help keep me protected against such threats. As for my question, I ... have a Windows 7 Lenovo desktop with a 1 TB internal hard drive] ... I want to clone my internal hard drive to an external hard drive , maybe once a week. I then want to reverse clone the hard drives [in case I get hit with a virus like TorrentLocker] ... It seems intuitive that [when I clone the hard drive for backup, that] both hard drives should ... (view more)

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'JD's Auto SpeedTester 15.3', and 'Seagate SeaTools for Windows'

JD's Auto SpeedTester 15.3 With this free program you can do Internet speed tests in the background. It logs all your data and enables you to see at a glance what your speeds are doing over the course of the hour / day / week / month etc. It will ... test your download and upload speeds your ping times, packet loss and jitter. Seagate SeaTools for Windows SeaTools is a comprehensive, easy-to-use diagnostic tool that helps you quickly determine the condition of the hard disk drive. It includes several tests that will examine the physical media on your ... (view more)

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Taiwan Screams Conspiracy In Hard Drive Debacle

Last week, Maxtor external hard drives in Taiwan were discovered to be preloaded with Trojan horse malware. Approximately 1800 units were contaminated, but only 300 were believed to be sold. Based in two files, autorun.inf and ghost.pif, the program ... was designed to automatically upload any saved data to two web sites based in China: and . (Source: ) When the Taipei Times broke the story on Sunday, investigators made claims of a Chinese plot to spy on its tiny island neighbor. Since China has been known to run Internet- and technology-based spying in ... (view more)

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