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BadUSB Attack: Now in The Wild; Exploits to Follow

Security researchers have purposely unleashed tools that could help hackers use USB drives to secretly spread malware on computers, including mobile devices with USB ports. The goal in releasing such tools is to coerce USB drive manufacturers into ... doing more to protect consumers against such attacks. The attack vector was initially reported in early August of this year, and until now was only theoretical. The tools were released by security researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson. Their campaign is inspired by the unveiling of " BadUSB ," a type of attack that uses a USB thumb ... (view more)

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Researchers: Avoid Using USB Flash Drives

A new report suggests that most USB flash drives (also known as thumb drives) have a critical security weakness that allows them to be reconfigured, giving hackers an opportunity to silently infect targeted computer systems with malware . The report ... comes from Germany's Security Research Labs, which says that most companies making USB flash drives fail to protect the firmware installed on their devices. That means attackers could easily hack and replace the firmware with a malicious version of the firmware, which is then capable of delivering a payload onto a victim's PC - usually with ... (view more)

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Microsoft Security Action Arouses Major Controversy

Security experts say they're upset with Microsoft after the Redmond, Washington-based firm recently took actions to disable botnets associated with the 'Citadel' malware. The problem: Microsoft also disrupted important research being carried out by ... security experts. Citadel is a form of keylogging malware used by hackers to steal login information and passwords, thereby giving cybercriminals access to banking accounts and other web services. It's estimated that more than one thousand botnets were using the Citadel malware to carry out cybercriminals' attacks. At the time Microsoft acted on ... (view more)

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Zeus Malware Making a Resurgence, Experts Warn

The feared Zeus Trojan is expected to make a comeback in the next six months. According to security research firm Trend Micro, many cybercriminals are returning to this form of malware as a tool for compromising website security. Zeus is by no means ... new. Its source code was originally spread across the world wide web more than two years ago, and since that time has been customized by cybercriminals. Popular variants of Zeus included 'Citadel' and 'GameOver'. Overall, Zeus (sometimes called Zbot) is one of the oldest forms of financial malware still being used by cybercriminals today. Zeus a ... (view more)

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McAfee Loses Another to Microsoft

Microsoft reported late Monday that yet another former McAfee virus expert will join the company. He will fill the position of senior security researcher. Jimmy Kuo will join fellow former McAfee alumnus Vincent Gullotto as part of Microsoft's ... Security Research and Response team. Gullotto was hired last month as the general manager of the team. (Source: ) The Security Research and Response team operates under Microsoft's Security Technology Unit, responsible for securing Microsoft products, including the Windows operating system. (Source: ) Kuo formerly worked in McAfee's ... (view more)

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