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Self-Driving Cars Could Change Insurance Rules

The British government says insurers should have to pay out if a customer's self-driving car crashes, whether or not the human was in control. It's the latest in a series of legal questions raised by the technology. The government has published the ... Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill and will now try to make it law through the country's parliamentary system. If adopted, the rules would mean the government would legally classify cars as self-driving on a model-by-model basis. With any car that fits into this category, the legally-required insurance policy would have to be set up ... (view more)

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Uber Defies Ban on Self-Driving Cars

Taxicab-rival Uber says it will ignore orders to stop using self-driving cars to pick up passengers. It disputes a Department of Motor Vehicle statement that it requires a test permit to use such vehicles. Uber has long caused controversy with its ... attitude to regulations. Its service uses an app to let customers book a vehicle driven by a private individual, with Uber handling the payment, providing navigation directions and taking a commission. That set-up often means it doesn't face the same level of regulation as licensed taxi cabs, which can pick up customers on the street without a ... (view more)

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Google Shows Off its Self-Driving Car

For those who despise the morning automobile commute, take heart: Google has been developing a self-driving car that can let you kick back and relax while your vehicle takes care of getting you safely and quickly to your destination. In a recent ... video posted to the web, Google shows its self-driving car carrying a legally blind man around the block. And it works. Google's program to develop such a car has been going on for several years. Now, the company has unveiled an iteration of its self-driving car that is capturing the imagination of technology fans around the world. Self-Driving Car ... (view more)

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