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Remove msgmsg.exe (Windows Messenger) from Windows XP?, Part 2

Last Thursday , I wrote an article on how to disable Windows Messenger using a System Registryhack. To date, this Registry Hack is the *only* known way to disable Windows Messenger v4.7 permanently from Windows XP. Most of the folks who are ... interested in disabling Windows Messenger v4.7 do so because they don't want it using up extra CPU or Memory, or because it's a service which isn't needed. From a security standpoint: the less unneeded services running on your system, the less chance of having a security exploit. Disabling Windows Messenger v4.7 isn't as easy as modifying the program ... (view more)

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Infopackets web server attacked (DDoS)

Dear Infopackets Reader s, Over the weekend, our web server was attacked by hacker(s). Although security was not compromised, the attack resulted in the web server being temporarily shut down until my hosting company could safely implement a data ... mitigation filter to deflect the attack. In a nutshell, the attackers sent a flood of information to the web server and caused it to "choke" on incoming requests. Because the attack originated from multiple IP addresses (I.E.: from more than one computer), this type of attack is referred to as a DDoS attack (or, Distributed Denial of ... (view more)

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Web Server Upgrade, Part 6

Finally! After all the trouble and hassle with the last host, I think I've finally found a permanent home for the web site and virtual-host friends who are sharing this dedicated server. A brief, but very interesting (hellish) ... synopsis entails: Some time near the end of October 2002: It was decided that I needed to get another dedicated server to handle all the traffic that comes through the infopackets web server. October 30, 2002: After being reassured by a "knowledgeable" web-hosting sales representative that and its high demand for bandwidth could ... (view more)


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