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Multiple Sheet Selections in MS Excel

Many times you make the same changes to multiple sheets in an Excel Workbook. Perhaps you would like to change the column widths or apply special formatting to a range of cells in several sheets. Creating a group of selected sheets allows you to ... perform the task just once, thereby saving time and narrowing the margin for errors. There are several ways to select several sheets to create a multi-sheet selection: To select contiguous sheets, follow the steps below: Click a sheet tab. Click Shift and keep it depressed while clicking a second sheet tab. Excel will select both clicked sheets and ... (view more)

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Grouping Worksheet: MS Excel

Grouping in MS Excel refers to selecting several sheets within a workbook and then working with them as a set. When workbook sheets are grouped together, the use can enter data or make changes to several sheets at once. For example, three worksheets ... could be created that will each have identical column labels. By grouping the sheets together, the labels would only have to be typed on one of the sheets to have them appear in the same locations on the other grouped sheets. Grouping sheets can save time when performing common tasks such as: Entering the same data on all grouped workbook sheets. ... (view more)

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