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Skype Hit with IM Worm, Security Threats Grow

One of the rising technologies right now is Skype, a peer-to-peer telephone network devised by the same entrepreneurs behind the now decrepit Kazaa. But, don't be too alarmed; although peer-to-peer and Kazaa have both become dirty terms in the ... security vocabulary, Skype is a rather safe (and in many cases, cheap) and effective way of reaching friends long distance. However, Skype grows in popularity, so too do the threats, including a recent instant messaging worm that has spread its way to a few unlucky users. The recent issue hitting Skype's instant messaging service isn't much different ... (view more)

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Founders of Kazaa, Skype Create Internet TV Project

The name and details of the latest venture for Skype and Kazaa co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis were released earlier last week. The young entrepreneurs have tackled the world of Internet television with a service called "Joost". ... Zennstrom and Friis, who sold Skype for an incredible $2.6 billion USD to eBay Inc. in 2005, have said that Joost will combine aspects of file-sharing software and regular broadcast television. (Source: ) Joost (pronounced "juiced") may even eventually attempt a move onto television sets, but the two co-founders have remained adamant that ... (view more)

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An Internet Lie Detector That Works with VoIP

Did someone in Israel read the recent Infopackets story about technology making it easier for people to lie? It sure seems that way! Actually, the uniquely titled KishKish Lie Detector has been available to the public since December, and a new beta ... upgrade has just been released. The Israeli technology works over the Internet with popular online phone service, called Skype. (Source: ) "We tested it with the [former U.S. president Bill] Clinton speech about his relationship with his intern Monica Lewinsky," stated Zvi Marom, the founder and CEO of BATM Advanced Communications. "When ... (view more)


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