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HP Slate 7: Super-Cheap Tablet Computer

Prominent hardware manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) is looking to put the TouchPad disaster behind it with the new, $169 Slate 7. You may recall that the TouchPad, which ran a unique operating system called WebOS, was first released in 2011. After ... consumers showed little interest in the device, HP slashed its price to a paltry $99 . That kicked off a consumer frenzy at electronics retailers like Best Buy. Slate 7 Cheaper Than Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab Back in 2011 $99 was considered insanely cheap for a tablet computer. But HP's new Slate 7 isn't that much more expensive. It will ... (view more)

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HP Ditches Windows 7 for Slate Tablet, Opts for webOS

Tech hardware producer Hewlett-Packard (HP) has decided it won't be loading the very popular Windows 7 operating system (OS) on its upcoming Slate tablet computer after all. The company recently revealed that it would instead ship the device with ... webOS, a Linux-based system. The move is a somewhat surprising one, given that much of the buzz surrounding the Slate has been associated with HP's plans to run Windows 7. The operating system, which launched in October of last year, has made fans the world over. It has helped Microsoft recover from the debacle that was Windows Vista, with customer ... (view more)

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HP Windows 7 Tablet May Not Be Dead After All

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has refused to confirm reports that it has cancelled work on a Windows-based tablet computer. In addition, its website still includes promotional material for the device, known as the Slate. Rumors suggested the firm encountered ... several problems with the device: Windows 7 apparently ran slowly and didn't convert well to a touch screen interface, while the Slate's Intel processor soaked up too much power, which could have made a practical battery life difficult to achieve. However, several analysts have noted that posts on an HP blog which deal with the device are still ... (view more)

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HP's Win7 iPad-Like Tablet Cancelled, Reports Suggest

It would appear two potential rivals to Apple's iPad have been bumped off by their parent companies in just a few days' time. According to reports, Hewlett-Packard's (HP) Slate tablet , which planned to use Windows 7, has been cancelled. The news ... comes less than a week after word that Microsoft had nixed its Courier device. Microsoft admitted last week that it had no plans to release a final version of Courier, a dual-screen, touch screen tablet computer that opened up like an old-timey book and used a stylus for navigation. That wasn't such a huge surprise, since Courier received most of its ... (view more)

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