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Snapchat Social Network Doesn't Store User Data

Each day, millions of images and messages are sent through social media platforms. Now, those who have regretted transmitting personal information in this fashion will be relieved to find that a popular new app is making significant strides in ... changing the way people share private data on social networking sites. Snapchat doesn't store data -- including messages and photos -- for years on end. Instead, this information is wiped out, permanently, at a time set by the sending / posting user. It's a simple concept, but early indications reveal that Snapchat is becoming a popular alternative to ... (view more)

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Windows 8: The People App Explained

"Hi Infopackets, I recently bought Windows 8 and naturally want to learn more about the new applications that come with it. In particular, I'm a huge fan of social media and would love to find out more about the new People app. Who better to explain ... it all than you, who have been helping me understand the computer world for half a dozen years. Thanks! Mary B." My response: Great question, because Windows 8's new People app is one of the more exciting features included in Microsoft's newest operating system. People App: A Central Hub for Social Media Basically, the new People app is a social ... (view more)

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PlayBook Update Allows Android Apps, Many Fixes

Research in Motion (RIM), best known for its BlackBerry smartphone, has recently released a highly-anticipated software update for its struggling PlayBook tablet computer. The updates help to resolve interactive features of the device. The PlayBook ... was first launched in April, 2011, in an attempt to siphon off sales from the iPad. Unfortunately, it sold just 500,000 units in its first quarter of availability, only 250,000 units in the next quarter, and a disappointing 150,000 units in its third quarter. (Source: ) Email Issues, Lack of Apps Kept Down PlayBook Sales Several factors ... (view more)


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