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Recession Sends More and More Americans Online

The recession has affected Americans in many ways, forcing people to cut back on their spending and in some cases, out of their homes. According to a new study, it seems that more and more U.S. residents are heading online in search of solutions to ... their financial woes. In the past, community leaders and social workers were relied upon by Americans looking for help during tough economic times. However, today there's an easier way to consult experts for assistance. Americans Hope for Quicker Solutions Online A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that most ... (view more)

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Backup Made Easy: A Six Point Guide to Buying Backup Software

Continued from Choosing a Backup Solution: An In Depth Look and 6 Key Elements for any Backup Strategy ; this article is our third and final installment. -- Each year, home and business users lose millions of dollars in lost data because the backup ... solution they've elected to use has failed to live up to its promises -- often, the result of a failed restore, partially corrupted files, or poor hardware support. With -- literally -- millions of documents on the web related to "backup software", making an informed decision about an appropriate backup solution can prove to be an ... (view more)

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