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Microsoft Offers 'Vision' in the Battle for Next-Gen Gaming

As hype over the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii (pronounced "We") continue to threaten Microsoft's current hold over "next-gen" systems, the latter is preparing for the Fall and Winter battle by incorporating proven hardware. Featuring ... technology manufactured by GestureTek, the Xbox Live Vision Camera will allow Xbox 360 owners with an online connection to customize their gamer tags, engage in video conversations, and most importantly play interactive games that move beyond the joystick. Much like Sony's popular EyeToy, the Xbox Live Vision Camera (set for release ... (view more)

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PMA Digicam Shootout 2006: Review

I just got back from the 82nd annual Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show in Orlando, Florida, and I've got some new hot picks to share. With Kodak claiming that the digital photography market is now in "phase two," the rush to buy one is ... over, now we have to figure out how to track all the digital photos. WiFi is being added to cameras to enable images to be shared and stored in real-time. James Neal, GM for Digital Imaging at Sony boasts how Sony pioneered digital photography with the "first auto-focus body-integral SLR camera in 1985." Sony acquired Minolta's assets when they shut ... (view more)


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