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Google Glass and Driving: Safe or Insane?

Should you be allowed to use high-tech Google Glass spectacles while driving? It's an ongoing debate, and now Google itself is finally weighing in on the issue. Google Glass is a wearable technology that is connected to the Internet. In essence, ... it's like a hands-free smartphone in the shape of eyeglasses; it allows users to take high-definition (HD) pictures, record HD video, and instantly share recorded content with friends and family using various social Internet platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, and similar. Among many other features, Google Glass also includes the ability for the ... (view more)

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Google to Build Google Glass Hardware in California

Reports suggest Google Glass, Google's futuristic spectacles with all the functions of a smartphone, will be manufactured in the United States. The news comes as one politician seeks a pre-emptive ban on people using the technology while driving. ... Google Glass hardware includes a pair of spectacles with a small display in the corner of one lens, along with a microphone and earpiece in the arms. The company recently confirmed the tech will be compatible with prescription eyewear. According to Google, you'll control the gadget with voice commands. In addition to allowing voice calls, the glasses ... (view more)

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Google Magic Spectacles 'Augment Reality'

Google has formally confirmed a poorly kept secret: it's working on 'augmented reality spectacles': glasses that display computer-driven text or images on top of a view of the real world. However, there's no sign the company will release the ... spectacles for commercial use in the foreseeable future. Unlike 3D viewing spectacles, or those designed to simulate a giant screen, the Google glasses are relatively low-key. They are much like an ordinary spectacle frame without corrective lenses, but with a microphone and a tiny screen visible only to the wearer's right eye. (Source: google.com ) The ... (view more)

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