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How to Fix: Windows 10 Desktop Icons Missing

Infopackets Reader Kelly R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've been using Windows 10 and so far so good. I took your advice and installed Classic Shell, which I think is a superior Start Menu than the default Windows 10 Start Menu. Everything has been ... great for the last few weeks, but suddenly all of my icons on the desktop have disappeared! At the same time, my browser window won't minimize or maximize - it only moves left or right. I have no idea what's going on but I'd really like to have my icons back on the desktop! I am going bananas! Can you help? " My response: ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Start Menu Explained

With the launch of Windows 10 comes a brand new Start Menu, which now more closely resembles its predecessors - something that's good news for many users on desktop and notebooks PCs. However, the new Windows 10 Start Menu brings plenty of options ... for tweaking, along with the odd glitch. Windows 10 Start Menu Customizable When Windows 8 was released, the lack of a Start Menu angered and confused many PC enthusiasts. As such, many third-party Start Menu programs were developed to replace the 'metro' style interface with a more traditional look. The good news is that the majority these ... (view more)

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Report: Windows 8 Doomed; Win9 Beta Preview in Fall

A new report suggests that when it comes to Windows 8, consumers continue to be very hesitant about upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system - even two years after its release. That has led some experts to suggest that there's no hope left ... for Windows 8, leaving Windows 9 to carry the slack (reportedly due in the spring of 2015). Windows 8 was released amid some controversy in the summer and fall of 2012. Perhaps the most debatable part of the operating system was its tile-based Metro user interface (now called "Modern"), which embraces touchscreen technology. It was part of ... (view more)

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Microsoft: Full Start Menu Coming Back to Windows 8

Microsoft unveiled its future plan for Windows 8 at the 2014 Build developer conference this past weekend. The path appears to be backwards, with Microsoft introducing several new features that effectively revive Windows 7 functionality . For ... example, Microsoft executive vice-president of operating systems, Terry Myerson, showed off a new Start Menu that is fully integrated with Windows 8's "Modern" (formerly "Metro") interface. Myerson also said Windows 8 users will soon be able to launch Modern applications from the desktop interface. Myerson says the changes will be ... (view more)


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