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'Simple Static IP', and 'Regular Expression Designer'

Simple Static IP By default people's IP address is dynamic, meaning it can change at any time. Simple Static IP is a free program that helps users set their IP address to static [that never changes] with just a few clicks. At times there may be a ... reason you need to have your IP address set to static; for example: when hosting your own FTP server, or when using Port Forwarding. Regular Expression Designer Rad Software Regular Expression Designer is a free program that helps programmers learn, develop and test Regular Expressions. It is an interactive Windows ... (view more)

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Using a software firewall and hardware firewall in tandem

Almost a month ago we were knee-deep in discussion with respect to tracking down a hacker. In short, our ongoing discussion probed possibilities and known methods which might be used to track down a hacker, if one ever attempted to hack into *your* ... computer system. RE: Can I track down a Hacker?, Part 1 , and Can I track down a Hacker?, Part 2 . Shortly after Part 2 was released, I received an email from Dan Daily (editor / webmaster) of Danny's Daily . Dan's comments focused on a proposed supposition, which was sent in from John B. in Part 2 of our Discussion . To recap: John suggested to ... (view more)

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