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Hacker Tries to Poison Water Supply

A hacker tried to poison a city's water supply using software designed to remotely control computers. Officials in Oldsmar, Florida say that even if the attack hadn't been spotted, it would have been unsuccessful. The attacker struck a system that ... treats the water supplied to around 15,000 people. Last Friday, they gained access to a control computer for around three to five minutes through TeamViewer, which appears to have been in place to allow remote work. (Source: ) 100-Fold Lye Increase The computer controlled the levels of some chemicals in the water including ... (view more)

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iPhone 4 Screen Revolutionary, but plagued by Shortages

An analyst is forecasting that problems with a new technology could cause significant shortages with Apple's new iPhone version 4. The new phone is due for release this week, with demand expected to be high. One of the main selling points of the ... iPhone 4 is that it has four times as many pixels in the same size screen, providing a resolution of 326 pixels per inch. That's more than many printed publications. According to Apple "the Retina display's pixel density is so high, your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels." iPhone 4 Screen Made of High Tech Materials The glass for the ... (view more)

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Microsoft Sued for Tragic Xbox Fire

If you're one of the many people who still own and play the original Xbox video game console, keep a close eye on the system's power supply cord. Recalled a few years ago, it has cost one infant his life. In February of 2005, Microsoft recalled the ... power cord for its Xbox, amidst fears that it could overheat and engulf a home in flames. Although the problem sounds similar to overheating issues with the newer Xbox 360, the latter's issues simply affect the console's ability to function, and pose no threat of combustion. Unfortunately for a Warsaw, Illinois couple, the original Xbox power cord ... (view more)

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Computer Basics, Part 1

I suppose it's time to roll up my sleeves and try to 'expose' the inner workings of the scary little box that's humming away on your desk. It's called a Personal Computer, no matter who designed and/or built it. It may have a name associated with it ... such as Macintosh (or Mac), Dell, IBM, Gateway, or any of a myriad of names depending where you live and what you decided to buy. No matter what name is associated, all desktop Personal Computers (or PCs) have a few basic components that are common. Laptop systems have the same array of components but they are usually not accessible like in a ... (view more)

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