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PicoZip Review

Synopsis: What's the best way to send files over email, shrink your backup job, and otherwise handle the majority of all archive file formats? Answer: with PicoZip, of course! PicoZip is a fully-featured WinZip 9 replacement and is compatible with ... all major extensions (up to 23 formats, including: .ZIP, .RAR, .ACE, and more!). PicoZip integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer and is packed with lots of powerful archiving features that are extremely easy to use. Even if you have never used any other type of Zip or archiving utility, learning to use PicoZip is a snap! PicoZip: Screenshots ... (view more)

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Receive phone calls while using dial-up Internet connection?, Part 3

... Continued . The following companies offer Internet Call Waiting Phone Alert Services. These services allow Dial-up / Cable / Broadband users to receive and manage phone calls while still connected to the Internet. Below is a cost and Feature ... comparison breakdown. BuzzMe / RingCentral 1 million subscribers world-wide Online Answering Machine with Caller ID Accept Call, Ignore, Reply (text-to-speech messaging), or Send to Voicemail Voicemail with Online/Offline option Toll-Free Access to Messages Accept Call, Call Forwarding, Callback Cell Phone & Pager Notifications Get messages by ... (view more)

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