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U.S. Government Grapples with Security

We hear a lot about Internet threats as they develop, but how are these scares addressed by the government? According to one survey, the potential for disaster has convinced about 65% of the country's government-employed IT managers to spend more ... time on security than they did in 2006. The recent survey was conducted by Cisco Systems, no slouch in the security sphere. The security firm found that spyware and bots remain the top concern of most answering the survey, with security breaches and poor training finishing second and third. Part of the reason for spyware's infamous rise has something ... (view more)

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Technology Makes It Easier For People To Tell Lies

"Look me in the eye." That old cliche is often said to get someone to tell the truth. But technology tends to eliminate that face-to-face (and eye-to-eye) contact. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the use of technology -- such as text ... messaging or email -- makes it easier for people to lie. Well, that has now been officially confirmed: by 72 Point, a poll company based in the United Kingdom. (Source: ) 72 Point conducted its study on behalf of Friends Provident PLC, a British financial services group. (Source: ) According to the survey, nearly 75 percent of the poll- ... (view more)

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Survey Reveals More About Businesses' Plans for Vista

With the Vista Business launch less than two weeks away, many are anticipating the arrival of the new operating system. A recent survey revealed further details about businesses' plans to adopt Vista, and the timelines they expect to follow. The ... survey, commissioned by direct-marketing reseller CDW, asked 761 IT managers from different sized business about their company's plan for Vista adoption. 86% of respondents plan to upgrade to Vista, and about 20% expect to start deployment within the next twelve months. While the figure may seem optimistic to some, it should be noted that "starting ... (view more)


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