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New Windows Defender: Tamper Protection, Plus More

Microsoft is adding an extra layer of security to Windows 10: it's blocking malware from tampering with Windows Defender. That's a security tool that's available commercially to businesses but is also built in to Windows 10 without extra cost. ... Tamper Protection tackles a rather cheeky tactic used by some malware creators, namely having the malware access Windows Defender and switch off key features. The idea is to reduce the likelihood of malware being detected in action. The feature has been in testing since April, 2019 and is now ready for a public rollout. Naturally Microsoft is keeping ... (view more)

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Microsoft adds 'Tamper Protection' to Windows Defender

Microsoft will add a "tamper protection" feature to the built in antivirus tools in an upcoming Windows 10 update. It's designed to stop malware from switching off key security features in Microsoft Defender. Initially the changes will be available ... for Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which is a subscription service for businesses. However, Microsoft appears to have revealed it will later become available to home users of Windows 10. (Source: zdnet.com ) The idea is to prevent rogue apps from disabling some of the weapons in the Microsoft Defender arsenal, in turn making it far ... (view more)

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