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New Trojan Locks Windows, Racks Up Phone Charges

Windows users are being targeted by a new scam that extorts money through long-distance telephone calls, racking up heavy charges. After a victim mistakenly downloads and installs a Trojan onto their PC, the following message is displayed on a ... Windows PC: "This copy of Windows is locked. You may be a victim of fraud or there may be an internal error". While similar messages have appeared before and related to scareware and ransomware scams, the fact that the Windows operating system will not reboot (either in normal mode or safe mode) adds validity to the alleged crisis situation. Victims ... (view more)

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Phishing by Phone

Internet scam artists are now using the telephone to breach your privacy and your bank accounts and it seems to be working. Last week the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center raised the alarm about the increasing number of phishing attacks that are ... using a combination of email and telephone. (Source: ) The use of the telephone in these schemes is a departure from the email-only type of phishing assault and is catching many companies and individuals unawares. In the past, typical email phishing scams have involved making various representations via email and asking users to ... (view more)

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Dial Up Access

Dial-up Internet access is an inexpensive but relatively slow form of internet access in which the client uses a modem to dial the internet service provider's (ISP) node, a dialup server type such as the Point-to-Point Protocol and TCP/IP protocols ... to establish a modem-to-modem link, which is then routed to the Internet. It is now regarded as legacy technology given the advent of widely available broadband Internet access in the Western world. Dial-up Access: Availability Dial-up requires no additional infrastructure on top of the telephone network. As telephone points are available ... (view more)

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