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Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix for IE 9, 10 Users

Microsoft has released a temporary fix to an important security bug affecting two recent versions of Internet Explorer. The exploit has been linked to attacks that compromised a website for US military veterans. The bug affects Internet Explorer ... versions 9 and 10. It does not affect version 11, nor anything previous to version 9. That said, using an earlier version Internet Explorer less than what is currently available (depending on which version of Windows you're running) is definitely not advised. JavaScript Bug Exploits Drive-by Download Attack The exploit involves JavaScript, a ... (view more)

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Microsoft Issues Temporary Fix for Shortcut Flaw

Microsoft has issued an automated workaround for a Windows shortcut flaw that security researchers yesterday flagged with a yellow alert. The workaround is a temporary measure while the company works furiously to provide a more permanent patch. The ... Windows shortcut flaw affects files with the .LNK extension (otherwise known as "shortcut files"). The zero-day vulnerability could allow cyber criminals to seize control of victim PCs. A similar and more public version of the exploit affected Siemens industrial automated systems just last week. Temporary Fix Alters Icons, Leaving them ... (view more)

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