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Does your Broadband Live Up to its Speed Claims?

The attorney general of New York has asked Internet users in the state to test and submit their Internet speeds. Eric Schneiderman says the move is part of a probe to see if broadband providers are making misleading speed claims. Schneiderman is ... asking users in the state to visit InternetHealthTest.org , which is an independently run site. The site runs a simple download speed test to work out an average speed. (Source: ny.gov ) Results Must Be Sent Via Screenshot Unfortunately, Schneiderman's office was unable to automated the process for sharing the results with other government ... (view more)

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Netflix Price Going Up; Amazon Acquires HBO Content

Popular video streaming service Netflix has announced plans to raise its monthly service price. Meanwhile, Amazon says it has acquired the rights to HBO (Home Box Office) shows for its Amazon Prime streaming service. For the past three years, ... Netflix has offered its video streaming services to customers for $7.99 per month -- an affordable price that has helped Netflix generate revenue of $1 billion. Netflix's total profits for the first quarter of 2014 are an estimated $53 million. (Source: bbc.com ) Premium Content Means Higher Prices, Netflix Says Netflix chief executive officer Reed ... (view more)

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