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The Pirate Bay vs Pirate Pay: Microsoft Funds War

A Russian company says its "Pirate Pay" project can eliminate online piracy by blocking web users from sharing files via the BitTorrent system. The people behind Pirate Pay (not to be confused with The Pirate Bay) came up with an alternative method ... of combating illegal file-sharing via BitTorrent. To help them get started, they received $100,000 from Microsoft. The first major test of the Pirate Pay system involved attempting to block distribution of a Russian movie titled "Vysotsky: Thank God, I'm Alive". Pirate Pay says it managed to block 44,845 illegal downloads of that film in ... (view more)

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Microsoft Blocks Pirate Bay Links: Report

A new report suggests that Microsoft may be blocking users of its Windows Live Messenger service from sharing links to the controversial torrent downloading site: The Pirate Bay. The report is supplied by TorrentFreak, which covers the lively ... copyright debate surrounding the use of torrent sites. For those not familiar with torrents, they are a type of file and a specialized file transfer system that allow users to rapidly upload and download extremely large files, such as those containing copyrighted movies, music, and TV shows. Pirate Bay and All Torrents Occupy Legal Grey Area On the ... (view more)

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Pirate Bay Verdict: Is Google Facilitating Piracy?

In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay verdict , many are now on the lookout for other forms of online piracy. Among the latest batch of uncovered copyright-snubbing websites is a Google-based search platform called Torrent Search. Want to watch a hot ... new theater release, but are unwilling to pay the price of admission? Type in the movie title on Torrent Search and you can be instantly directed to thousands of popular piracy websites. Google Fueling Pro-Piracy Campaigns While the search platform was probably not created by someone working for Google, seeing as how almost anyone can create a page ... (view more)

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'Sicko' Infects Torrent Sites

Maybe Michael Moore's next documentary should deconstruct the Bit Torrent phenomenon. The pair seem a match made in heaven, as Moore's recent film "Sicko", still largely unknown across America, has already made its way to various Torrent sites for ... download. Moore shot to fame with his scathing documentaries "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11", which criticized American gun laws and the Bush administration, respectively. Sicko tells the story of the United States' drug and health administration, ridiculing a system that can bankrupt someone for the average broken bone. As you might ... (view more)

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