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FBI Warns: Smart Toys are a Security Risk

The FBI has warned parents about privacy risks with 'smart' toys. It's more of a general warning rather than covering a specific product. The agency says the warning covers a wide range of toys which "incorporate technologies that learn and tailor ... their behaviors based on user interactions." The key risk is when the toy has an Internet connection, meaning data can be passed on to a third party. According to the FBI, the risks are particularly great given such toys may contain "sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage components, and other multimedia capabilities ... (view more)

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'Reg Toy', and 'Qt Web'

Reg Toy Reg Toy is a neat, all-around tweaker. It provides several important and useful services, including registry tweaking, service managing, startup managing, a registry cleaner, window manager, secure deletions, and much, much more! ... Qt Web Are you worried the popular browser you've been using the last few months or years isn't locked down against the web's legions of hackers? QtWeb is a lightweight, secure and portable browser having unique user privacy features. Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension ... (view more)

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