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Internet Explorer to include Do Not Track Feature

The next edition of Internet Explorer is said to include a new tool for users to restrict how their information is shared with websites. But it will likely mean that some web features and content will be unavailable to users if the special privacy ... feature is enabled. FTC Calls for "Do Not Track" Feature in Web Browsers Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called on web browser producers and website owners to make it easier for users to avoid having their online activity shared with other web sites. For example, a site might share what a user reads with an advertising agency ... (view more)

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Avantrix Audio CD Maker Review

Synopsis: Need an easy way to create music compilations using your favorite MP3s and existing Audio CDs? Introducting Avantrix Audio CD Maker -- an intuitive and simple-to-use application that allows you to create standard Audio CDs from existing ... MP3 files, as well as MP3 style CDs that are playable in MP3 players and most DVD players. The new version 6.0 of Avantrix Audio CD Maker also includes built-in track printing and CD audio ripping features so you can create your favorite CD compilations in no time flat! Avantrix Audio CD Maker: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3. ... (view more)

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Music Collector Review

Synopsis: Are you a music collector? Do you find it difficult to organize your collection or often have a hard time finding "just the right song"? In that case, you need Music Collector -- the amazing super-music organizer on steroids! With Music ... Collector, you can: download track lists of your music CDs directly to your computer (without typing!), organize your MP3s, LPs, cassettes and mini-discs, download CD covers, search your music database, print CD and track lists, sort your lists, and much, much more! Music Collector: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2. Music Collector: ... (view more)

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