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Uber Ditches Post-Ride User Tracking

Uber has ditched a policy that meant it could track a user's location for five minutes after the cab has dropped them off. The move could be related to a change in management. Until last November, users had the option to only give the 'ridesharing' ... app permission to access location data on their phone while they were actually using it. Following an update, users had to choose between giving permission for continuous tracking or having location details switched off completely. Customers Choose Between Privacy and Convenience The latter option meant that although the app would still work, users ... (view more)

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Apple Considered Banning Uber

Uber has denied it continued tracking users even after the app was removed from phones. Apple boss Tim Cook reportedly threatened to ban the app from iPhones if it used such practices. The New York Times made the claim in a lengthy profile of Uber ... boss Travis Kalanick, the man behind the company which brings passengers and drivers together via a smartphone app, without the need to hail a cab in the street or phone to book one. According to the report, Cook called Kalanick in for a meeting after discovering Uber had altered its code to hide the fact that it was "secretly identifying and ... (view more)

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Uber Defies Ban on Self-Driving Cars

Taxicab-rival Uber says it will ignore orders to stop using self-driving cars to pick up passengers. It disputes a Department of Motor Vehicle statement that it requires a test permit to use such vehicles. Uber has long caused controversy with its ... attitude to regulations. Its service uses an app to let customers book a vehicle driven by a private individual, with Uber handling the payment, providing navigation directions and taking a commission. That set-up often means it doesn't face the same level of regulation as licensed taxi cabs, which can pick up customers on the street without a ... (view more)

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Rideshare Smartphone App Gets Legal OK

California officials have overturned a ban that prevented a smartphone app-based taxi-style service from legally operating. The case was prompted by a smartphone app called 'Uber,' which allows customers to summon a luxury car and driver to their ... location at the press of a button. The cost of the ride is automatically charged to a customer's credit card. The service was a welcome idea for customers who wanted to avoid trying to hail a cab. Unfortunately, Uber initially ran into problems with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). California Officials: Uber a Taxi Service Why? ... (view more)

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'Uber Icon', and 'Yahoo! Go'

Uber Icon UberIcon lets you extend the Windows operating system to include new effects for your icons and folders. It is completely plugin based allowing the user to have control over the look and feel of their system. The program's name translates ... to "OverIcon" which we feel is perfect for a program that adds effects on top of the icons in your system. http://www.punksoftware.com/ubericon Yahoo! Go Yahoo! Go is a new Yahoo service (free) that includes your own digital video recorder (DVR) software and lets you record and watch your favorite shows anytime for free. Beta. http://go.connect. ... (view more)

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