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DriverScanner 2013 Review

Update 2013/05/08: We've contacted Uniblue and have finagled a generous 33% discount for DriverScanner 2013 for our readers (deal ends May 24, 2013). The discount link is at the end of the review; the discount is also enabled if you download the ... trial and purchase directly through the program. If you're in a hurry and know this software to be as useful as I do, you can go straight to the discount page by clicking here . Otherwise, please take a few minutes to read the review below, and then decide. -- Ever wonder why your PC gets balky, slows down, or fails to operate the way you want? One of ... (view more)

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RegistryBooster Review

If you know me personally, then you might say that I'm a creature of habit. The clothes in my closet all look similar (except they're different colors); my entire house is painted the same color, and on the weekends, I go to the same local pub to ... meet up with the same friends -- week in, and week out. So you might say I live a simple life, and things are pretty habitual. Well, the same can be said about the type of software I choose to review and recommend to our readers. I typically look for stuff that does what it says, is competitive in the marketplace, and adds value to the overall PC ... (view more)

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