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Intel's Core 2 Duo Making Way to Notebooks

Get ready for the next wave of laptop processing power. Intel has announced that it is shipping the Core 2 Duo chip -- the latest technology in processing speed -- to retailers, making it possible for ridiculously fast notebooks to make their way ... into electronics stores by the holiday season. According to Intel, nearly 200 laptop models will incorporate the new Core 2 Duo into future design. Code-named "Merom," the chip will make an appearance in notebooks from a variety of reputable makers, including Samsung, Toshiba, Alienware, Hewlett-Packard, and of course Dell. Also expected to upgrade ... (view more)

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Microsoft Posts, Then Removes Vista Prices

I'm so proud to be Canadian. ;-) Months before its highly anticipated release, Microsoft Canada has -- accidentally it seems -- given the media an inside glance at Vista's pricing. Although the list was quickly ripped down, Ed Bott of ZDNet was able ... to take down many of the upcoming packages, and we'll share some of them with you here. (Source: ) As we've discussed a bit in the past, there are two different schemes for installing (and paying for) Microsoft's new operating system. Those who have an OS upgradeable to Vista will save some significant moolah. For instance, an ... (view more)

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PS3 Testing Developer Patience and Gamer Wallets

Recent findings by gaming insiders predict that the Sony Playstation 3's (PS3) hardware and software will end up costing consumers considerably more than originally thought. The rise in cost is primarily due to the PS3's use of next-gen Blu-Ray DVDs ... its lavish hardware configuration. The inevitable result will be titles that cost the average gamer more money, making the already expensive PS3 ($499 USD for 20GB hard drive, $599 USD for 60GB hard drive) a system only appealing to those with fire money -- the kind that burns holes in your pocket. Japanese gaming magazine Ge-Maga recently ... (view more)

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