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Easy Duplicate Finder Review

Update 2010/10/04: The free trial download for Easy Duplicate Finder is at the bottom of this article. Click here to go there now , or continue reading our review. Note that the special discount ends Oct 29, 2010 at 11:59PM EST. Get it before it's ... gone! How many files are stored on your computer? Is it 10,000? How about 50,000 or 100,000? Of the files stored on your computer, how many of them are duplicates and which ones are safe to remove? Unless you're unusually interested in computer technology, you probably don't have any idea how many files are stored within your computer system -- let ... (view more)

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'Boot Racer', and '57 Useful Google Tools'

Boot Racer BootRacer allows you to check your Windows boot speed and provides you with a 'boot rating'. If your computer boot time is less than one minute you will get an Excellent rating -- otherwise, you need to speed up your Windows boot! ... 57 Useful Google Tools If you're like most people, you use Google's products several times a day to search for information or check email. Most people don't know, however, how many useful tools Google have made research and time management much easier. Here are just a few of the products Google offers that may be worth trying ... (view more)

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'Build A Dvr Out Of An Old Pc', and '99 Useful Run Commands'

Build A Dvr Out Of An Old Pc According to the author," Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have become a necessary luxury over the last several years. Millions of people rely on these devices to pause and rewind live television, and to keep track of ... broadcast schedules and record programs for them. Many consider them just as essential to their daily lives as their cell phones. Several months ago, I finally became sufficiently jealous of the millions of DVR owners to motivate me to put a DVR in my own living room. But I wanted something more versatile than a normal TiVo, ReplayTV, or Ultimate ... (view more)

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'99 Useful Run Commands', and 'Windows Live Safety Center'

99 Useful Run Commands Do you use the Run feature in Windows XP? For many users, this feature is rarely used. The reason being: nearly all of the Run Commands Correspond to a particular Control Panel Item or a Utility, Tool or Task that can be ... accessed through Windows. The main reason most people don't use the Run feature is because they don't know the Commands. So, to solve that problem, here are 99 Run Commands and what they correspond to. Windows Live Safety Center Windows Live Safety Center is a new, free Microsoft service designed to help ensure ... (view more)

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