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How to Fix: Move Firefox to New Computer / Profile

Infopackets Reader George F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just purchased a new AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU, motherboard, and RAM for my computer - wow what a speed difference! Before I installed the new hardware I backed up all my data using Macrium Reflect. I ... would like to move Firefox to my new computer. I just read your article about moving Thunderbird to a new computer and was wondering if the steps are the same? " My response: Moving a Firefox user profile over to a new computer (or new user) is almost identical to moving over a user profile in Thunderbird, though the folder locations are different. ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

Infopackets Reader Sam S. writes: " Dear Dennis, A few days ago I booted my computer to the Windows 10 desktop, but now my Windows 10 start menu doesn't work. If I click on the start menu, it doesn't do anything at all - no menu, no tiles - nothing ... at all! The only options I have are the Windows 10 task bar which allows me to click on Microsoft Edge browser, so I can at least get on the Internet. Can you tell me why my Windows 10 start menu disappeared? I need to get into my tiles so can access my apps. Thanks for any help you can offer. " My response: This is a very vexing problem (based on ... (view more)

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