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Public Wireless, or its Evil Twin?

The next time you're in an airport, train station, bus station, coffee house, or other public place and decide to "jack in" to the Internet, you might well be exposing yourself to identity thieves -- or worse. Here's how it works: the girl across ... from you in the airport coffee shop has a laptop in her briefcase that's set as an 'access point', or a 'WiFi hotspot'. She's even given the access point a legitimate-sounding ID, say, something like "Free Airport WiFi". You power up your own laptop, quickly browse for available networks, see "Free Airport WiFi", note that it's unsecured but ignoring ... (view more)

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Upload Your Files As Fast As You Download Them

Verizon Communications has introduced an unusual plan for its fiber-optic Internet service: one that uploads as fast as it downloads. With the new plan, users can experience download and upload speeds of 20 megabits per second. The plan costs $65 ... per month for those with a current Verizon phone plan, or $70 per month for those without a Verizon phone plan. (Source: ) The downside for Verizon fans is that the company will only launch the new plan in parts of New York and Connecticut. In these areas, Verizon can expect stiff competition from one of the most sophisticated cable ... (view more)

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YouTube Videos: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You

Verizon Wireless has secured the exclusive rights to provide the popular video service YouTube to their cell phone customers. The move marks the first venture for YouTube outside of their online community. The only inconvenience appears to be that ... consumers must now pay for the cellular version of the service. While the YouTube website offers free unlimited video content, the cellular version will require a $15-a-month subscription to the Verizon option package known as VCast. (Source: ) While the online version offers a seemingly endless video library, the VCast ... (view more)


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