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Microsoft Tackles Video Call Background Noise

Microsoft is releasing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to block out background noise during video calls. The Microsoft Teams tool aims to distinguish between human speech and other sources of sound. The need for such a tool will have grown ... for many users this year given the increase in those working from home. Previously, videoconferencing was more commonly associated with business settings where staff could make calls in ideal settings such as dedicated meeting rooms with no sources of unwanted sounds. Now, many people are using the same videoconferencing software in conditions ... (view more)

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Zoom to Completely Encrypt Video Calls

Zoom is to completely encrypt video calls at all times for most users. It will mean neither Zoom itself nor law enforcement agents or security services can access the content of calls. At the moment, Zoom encrypts the data that flows between ... individual participants on a call. However, it's Zoom's own servers which generate the encryption key issued to each participant. That means it's technically possible for Zoom to decrypt calls. While Zoom insists it's never had any intention of doing so, it does leave it open to pressure or legal threats from law enforcement officials to get access to ... (view more)

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Google Buys Swedish Video Conferencing Software

Have you ever heard of Marratech? Most people in the company's home base of Sweden probably haven't either. But Google has. The search engine giant has just purchased the rights to Marratech's video-conferencing software. Google has acquired just ... the technology itself -- not the entire company. (Source: ) For now, the program will just be used internally by Google. That news is sure to disappoint tech-heads looking forward to trying the technology out. However, there may be a glimmer of hope: Marratech's program may eventually be integrated into Google services such as ... (view more)

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