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Madden Success in the Media

It seems I'm not the only tech writer interested in the phenomenal (and annual) success of Electronic Arts' (EA) Madden series. The National Football League-based franchise of games, released every August to armchair quarterbacks around the world ... (but predominantly North America) routinely dominates the yearly video game sales charts, and is now being compared by some to Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. When I wrote about Madden 07 a few weeks ago , I was particularly interested in the game because it so quietly seems to go about shaping the video game industry. Make no mistake, Madden is ... (view more)

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ClintonGate: Hilary Clinton Planning a Video Game Tax?

While U.S. President George W. Bush wages war against the Middle East, New York Junior Senator Hilary Clinton has strapped on her own combat fatigues -- but she's aiming her missiles in a different direction: toward the video game industry. Last ... Year In 2005, Bill Clinton's wife grabbed headlines by launching an over-the-top tirade against video games. She dramatically proclaimed that games are "stealing the innocence of our children and ... making the difficult job of being a parent even harder." (Source: ) Despite drowning in a sea of hyperbole, Hilary's 2005 proposal to penalize ... (view more)


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