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New Scareware Imitates Browsers: Tricky, Malicious

The latest bout of scareware making its way through the Internet uses legitimate-looking browser warning pages and offers up a dose of fake antivirus. Those responsible for its creation have matched the webpage layout offered by the world's most ... popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others -- right down to the design and layout. All Web Browsers Susceptible to Attack The scareware , dubbed Rogue:MSIL/Zeven by antivirus firms, is able to identify the Internet browser you're using, and then displays a fake warning page that states the site you're browsing may be infected ... (view more)

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New PC Security Tutorial

Have you ever stopped to read the headlines that make news on the Internet? Fact: Almost one in every three Internet users in the United States has been hit by either a computer virus or a hacker in the past two years.(1) Fact: In just 24 hours, the ... 'MSBlast' Internet worm exploded onto some 120,000 Windows computers around the world.(2) Overall, MSBlast has infected an estimated 8 million PCs,(3) while damage from the worm is about $525 million USD.(4) Fact: Internet security and privacy issues frequently dominate news headlines as hackers repeatedly infiltrate computers connected to the ... (view more)

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