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'Crbap', and 'Bandwidth Vista'

Crbap Control the recycle bin. Crbap helps you get rid of Recycle-bin files quickly. No more answering "Yes" to delete files; customizable Hotkey to Empty Recycle-bin; customizable Hotkey to View the Recycle-Bin, and increased functionality over ... previous versions. GUI Assisted Configuration; completely hidden -- no windows or icons; optionally alerts you when you empty the Recycle-bin; hotkey allow you to quickly exit the program entirely; optionally Starts with Windows and uses few resources. 100% Freeware -- absolutely NO SPYWARE! Also features automatic live updates utilizing the UpChk ... (view more)

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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new and upcoming Windows operating system. Vista has much nicer eye-candy than Windows XP, and many people simply can't wait until it's rumored to be released some time in 2007. But if you can't wait for the real deal, the Vista ... Transformation Pack (VTP) might be just what the doctor ordered. VTP is freeware program that "re-skins" various elements of Windows, such as: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, icons, the log-on and log-off screen. Vista Transformation Pack also improves upon various features, including: window transparency and a new sidebar. In ... (view more)

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'Vista Start Menu', and 'Net Manager'

Vista Start Menu Each time you start programs from the Start menu, you use the interface that has not changed for 10 years. No wonder that it becomes more and more difficult to use it due to the increase in the number of programs! Vista Start Menu ... is a completely another approach to the interface. It is much easier to find and run the program you need. Everything is visual and extremely easy to use. Your applications are arranged in a table with icons divided into groups, which makes it easier to work with a lot of programs. And one more really important nuance: when you remove programs or ... (view more)


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