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'Bytescout Watermarking 3.00.21', and 'ServiWin 1.61'

Bytescout Watermarking 3.00.21 Protect your images with this freeware watermarking program. Using this handy utility you can add visible watermarks to your favorite images. It's a particularly useful tool for people who often post their photos to ... social media sites, like Facebook. http://www.bytescout.com ServiWin 1.61 Instantly get a list of all the drivers and services installed on your computer with ServiWin. Displayed information includes name, status, company, and description. There's also a category that shows which drivers and services may be causing problems for your system. http:// ... (view more)

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'BootRacer 4.0', and 'Bytescout Watermarking 3.0.173'

BootRacer 4.0 BootRacer software automatically calculates your Windows computer's boot-up time. As it operates, this software logs all the computer boot-up events to a history report and also to a standard event log. You can then check the logs by ... using the Windows Event Viewer. The software allows you to understand what's going on while your computer is starting up, so you can make adjustments to get your computer working more to your liking. BootRacer is free for non-commercial use. http:/www.greatis.com Bytescout Watermarking 3.0.173 Do you often take photos of your friends and family and ... (view more)

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