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Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. People who create electronic spam are called spammers. Geographical Origins of Spam As ... of this writing and according to experts from SophosLabs, 28.4% of global spam comes from the U.S. In second place is South Korea, bringing 5.2% of global spam. Following the list are China (including Hong Kong): 4.9%; Russia: 4.4%; Brazil: 3.7%; France: 3.6%; Germany: 3.4%; Turkey: 3.%; Poland: 2.7%; United Kingdom (specifically Great Britain): 2 ... (view more)

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Pirate Bay Verdict: Is Google Facilitating Piracy?

In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay verdict , many are now on the lookout for other forms of online piracy. Among the latest batch of uncovered copyright-snubbing websites is a Google-based search platform called Torrent Search. Want to watch a hot ... new theater release, but are unwilling to pay the price of admission? Type in the movie title on Torrent Search and you can be instantly directed to thousands of popular piracy websites. Google Fueling Pro-Piracy Campaigns While the search platform was probably not created by someone working for Google, seeing as how almost anyone can create a page ... (view more)

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Mowser Mowed Down: Mobile Internet Service Closes

The man who hoped to mastermind the transfer of the World Wide Web onto mobile telephones has abandoned his project and revealed that 80% of traffic on his system was pornography. Russell Beattie, who launched 'Mowser' (as in mobile-browser) last ... year, says he now realises there simply isn't any serious demand for a 'mobile-specific web' outside of the Far East. The idea of Mowser was to provide versions of ordinary web pages specifically designed for cell phone displays. Users could simply type in the address of the site they wanted to see and Mowser would automatically 'translate' it into a ... (view more)

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RCMP Warns: School Boards Must Prohibit Student Information from Websites

Students attending institutions in Canada may no longer have to fear that their personal information is easily accessible to potentially harmful individuals. As part of the new Public School Network Access and Use Policy, school and school board ... websites in Canada are to refrain from including the names and images of all students. The policy also regulates how Internetand email are used by schools and school boards and have unanimously agreed that most websites leave their students prone to corruption by unwanted users. (Source: ) Representatives of the policy have admitted that ... (view more)

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DeltaSpy Review

Synopsis: Are you an information freak? Do you visit your favorite websites 2, 3, 4, or more times a day eagerly waiting for news and other updates to appear? Keeping an eye on a list of your favorite sites can not only be time consuming, but also ... confusing (and frustrating)! If this sounds all too familiar, then you should give DeltaSpy a try. With DeltaSpy, you can monitor your favorite websites and be notified only when there is new content available. And best of all: when you visit the web site using DeltaSpy's built in web browser, the new information is highlighted so you don't waste ... (view more)


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