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Report: Tesla Autopilot Crash Driver Ignored Warnings

A man killed when his semi-autonomous Tesla car crashed ignored multiple warnings issued by the vehicle, newly-released documents show. The papers also suggest subsequent changes to the way the car's Autopilot feature works should prevent a repeat ... of the incident. Tesla's Autopilot feature is a brand name that covers a technology that's often classed as being "driver assistance," rather than strictly self-driving. The features in question covered a cruise control that kept the car at a constant speed while taking account of nearby vehicles, and an auto-steer function that ... (view more)

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'Speed Up Windows Vista', and 'Launch Apps Using The Scroll Wheel Button'

Speed Up Windows Vista If you're unhappy with the speed of Microsoft's newest and most controversial operating system, Vista, on a machine where Windows XP used to scream, these tips will help. http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Speed_Up_Windows_Vista ... Launch Apps Using the Scroll Wheel Button Registry Hack! Assign any applications to the scroll wheel button. http://unlockforus.com/2008/ (view more)

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