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Desktop Computers 'Not Dead' Yet, HP CEO Insists

Hewlett-Packard (HP) chief executive officer Meg Whitman says her firm isn't about to give up on 'traditional' computers, like desktops. In a recent interview, Whitman said she believes "desktops are not dead". Whitman made that comment in a CNBC ... interview published earlier this week. When asked whether her firm would focus more on mobile hardware, like tablet computers, Whitman had this to say: "In the commercial business, we've got a tremendously strong lineup, because we can go all the way from virtual desktop to workstations to desktops -- by the way, desktops are not dead -- to laptops ... (view more)

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HP Win8 Tablets Could be Ready by Summer: Report

Major PC maker Hewlett-Packard (better known as HP) is reportedly working on a number of tablet computers and hybrid devices based on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) from Microsoft. A recent presentation by the company's chief executive ... officer (CEO) suggests such gadgets could be available by the 2012 holiday season, or even sooner. During a recent earnings conference call, HP CEO Meg Whitman made reference to her company's plans to soon unveil Windows 8 tablets and related devices. The following day, she elaborated on this point, adding that HP would most likely use both the ... (view more)

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