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WiFi Hotspot App Leaks 2M Passwords, Many Residential

An app designed to make it easier to get on public WiFi has accidentally exposed more than two million WiFi passwords. It appears to be a case of terrible design, rather than pure malice by the app designers. The app is called "WiFi Finder - connect ... to hotspots" and is listed on the Google Play store as having more than 100,000 downloads. In theory the app is part of a project to make using WiFi on the move more convenient. It's designed to be a massive database to which users can add public WiFi networks and the relevant passwords. For example, visitors to a coffee store could add the ... (view more)

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Report: Most WiFi Routers Very Poorly Protected

A survey of 2,000 households in the United Kingdom has revealed that few people take their WiFi network's security seriously enough. In fact, the security software firm behind the study, Avast, says our approach to home WiFi security is comparable ... to attitudes towards PC security in the 1990s -- which is not very good at all. Weak WiFi Passwords a Serious Problem Avast's survey revealed a number of alarming issues. First, the company found that more than 50 per cent of all home routers have little or no protection, making them easy to hack. In far too many cases, Avast found people ... (view more)

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