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BadUSB Attack: Now in The Wild; Exploits to Follow

Security researchers have purposely unleashed tools that could help hackers use USB drives to secretly spread malware on computers, including mobile devices with USB ports. The goal in releasing such tools is to coerce USB drive manufacturers into ... doing more to protect consumers against such attacks. The attack vector was initially reported in early August of this year, and until now was only theoretical. The tools were released by security researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson. Their campaign is inspired by the unveiling of " BadUSB ," a type of attack that uses a USB thumb ... (view more)

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Once Again Microsoft Says Windows Vista 'Most Secure'

Trying to sway public opinion about a flailing product, Microsoft has reportedly once again boasted about the security of Windows Vista, claiming that the operating system had 36 vulnerabilities in its first year compared to the 65 found in Windows ... XP during that same period. Analysts remain skeptical. "I think that it's fair to say that Windows Vista is proving to be the most secure version of Windows to date. Our investments in the SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) and our defense in depth approach to building Windows Vista seem to be paying off," wrote Austin Wilson in a recent ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 8.0 Already Rumored

Have you recently made the leap of faith from the relatively-buggy Internet Explorer 6 to the recently released and even-more-buggy IE7? IE7 is Microsoft's latest web browser and promises better options and security. Although it has gone through its ... own controversy in recent weeks, Internet Explorer 7 is generally considered an advancement in Internet surfing. And with that said, there are strong rumors that the Redmond-based company has already begun working on Internet Explorer "Next," which should be ultimately dubbed Internet Explorer 8.0. Recently appointed Internet Explorer platform ... (view more)

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