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'WinAudit 3.0', and 'Microsoft OneDrive 17.0.4041.0512'

WinAudit 3.0 Want to know more about your system? Then give WinAudit a try. It provides a comprehensive report showing everything you need to know about your computer's hardware and software. It's the perfect tool for both IT professionals and ... curious home users. Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) 17.0.4041.0512 Microsoft's popular cloud-based storage service has gotten a brand new name: OneDrive. But it still offers users lots of free storage (7 gigabytes), allowing them to access their favorite files and folders from almost any device. https:// ... (view more)

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WinAudit Review

While chatting with Tom at Temerc, he mentioned a PC auditing tool I wasn't very familiar with: it's called WinAudit. In a nutshell, WinAudit is used to keep track of all the software and licensing on PC's. I couldn't resist, and so I had to try it ... out. WinAudit is fast and free for home or commercial use. No installation is needed; just download WinAudit and start using it. In 30 seconds it develops a complete hardware and software profile of your PC and displays the results. You can save the profile in many formats for looking at it later or sending it to others for hardware or software ... (view more)

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