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'UltraDefrag 4.3 RC2', and 'XnView Standard 1.97.3'

UltraDefrag 4.3 RC2 UltraDefrag is an open source disk defragmenter for Windows NT 4.0 and later operating systems. It makes use of the same defragmenting API (application program interface) used by many other windows defrag utilities, both open and ... closed source. However, UltraDefrag has many features that makes it unique. Firstly it has a kernel mode driver that does most of the work, secondly is the ability to run the application at boot up time in a manner similar to chkdsk. This allows for faster defragmentation time and the ability to defragment all files including system files. It can ... (view more)

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'Xnview', and 'User Mode Process Dumper'

Xnview XnView allows you to preview and do all sorts of fancy manipulation and conversion of images from the context menu. XnView supports more than 400 graphics formats, and -- perhaps best of all -- is completely free to use. ... http://www.freewaregenius.com User Mode Process Dumper The User Mode Process Dumper (userdump) dumps any running Win32 processes memory image on the fly, without attaching a debugger, or terminating target processes -- making it a handy tool any serious user will want to try. http://www.microsoft.com Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at ... (view more)

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